The Choose Ohio First for Bioinformatics Scholarship Program

The Choose Ohio First for Bioinformatics Scholarship Program

The program provides scholarships and educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in bioinformatics or related fields.

The Choose Ohio First (COF) Scholarship provides $5200 per year to incoming freshmen, transfer students, upperclassmen, or graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence and an interest in the field.

The program was established through a competitive grant awarded to the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium by the State of Ohio, a consortium of multiple institutions.  This is the information relating to scholarships to be awarded to students at The Ohio State University.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out the application and research advisor forms and submit them to Kari Basso (  Proposals will be reviewed by our scholarship review committee on a regular basis and decisions transmitted to prospective applicants.

Click here for the scholarship application.

Click here for the research advisor form

Who should apply

All students who have an interest in computation and/or biology or chemistry.  Students may major in a range of academic disciplines that utilize computer science to manage biological data, including Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, PreMed, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Computer Science, Environmental and Plant Biology, Mathematics, Science Education, Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering. Please submit any questions you have about the scholarship program to Inquiries will be answered in a timely manner through email.

Students may apply as incoming freshmen, incoming transfer students or at any time during their academic career.


  • All students must be residents of Ohio (i.e. considered “in-state”).

Entering freshmen

  • Top 20 percent of his or high school graduating class or have a minimum 25 ACT or 1150 SAT.

Transfer and returning undergraduates

  • GPA of 2.8 overall and 3.0 in their major.  Statement of their future career goals and how participating in this program will impact their career goals.

Graduate students should

  • have completed a BS or MS in a biology, chemistry, computer science or related field;
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0;
  • have a background in computer science, biology or biochemistry or related field;
  • meet all requirements and gain admission to the “home” department or program of their choice

Expectations and benefits

All COF-Bioinformatics Scholarship students, whether entering freshmen, transfer students or returning students:

  • will participate in a related laboratory experience an average of 10 hours per week for one semester. 
  • Current OSU students are expected to find a faculty or research sponsor and submit a proposal for that experience endorsed by the advisor.  Exceptions will be made for incoming Freshman who are expected to find such a sponsor in order to qualify for the second semester of scholarship assistance.
  • will be mentored by faculty involved in the bioinformatics program.
  • should take courses in bioinformatics related topics
  • should maintain a GPA of 2.8 overall and 3.0 in their major.  A GPA of 3.0 is required of all graduate students.
  • will be assisted in locating  research and/or internship opportunities as appropriate